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Brew Guide


  • Insert and secure filter paper into the AeroPress
  • Rinse AeroPress, cup and filter with hot water
  • Add 20g of fine ground coffee; should be finer than V60, to the AeroPress chamber
  • Pour in hot water up to the ‘3’ mark and stir
  • Insert the plunger and wait 30 seconds
  • Press down the plunger gently
  • Serve and enjoy
Bialetti Moka Pot

  • Grind about 20g-22g of coffee as fine as for espresso
  • Fill the bottom half of the Moka Pot with fresh water
  • Place the metal portafilter and add your coffee, shake to settle it evenly
  • Screw on the Moka Pot top
  • Place it on a stove on medium heat
  • When the water has  reached boiling point the steam pressure will push the water through the upper chamber
  • When you hear a hissing sound your coffee is ready
  • Serve and enjoy
French Press

  • Pre-heat the French Press by adding hot water
  • Add 21g of coarse ground coffee
  • Pour in 80ml of water and stir
  • Let it stand for 30 seconds
  • Pour in 200ml of water then stir again
  • Place the lid on top and wait 4 minutes
  • Plunge slowly
  • Serve and enjoy

  • Remove your portafilter from the grouphead
  • Purge your grouphead with hot water
  • Grind between 18g-21g of coffee into your basket
  • Adjust the grinding setting according to your machine. The grind ought to be quite fine
  • Distribute the coffee and tamp applying enough pressure to seal the coffee evenly, do not need to tamp too hard
  • Give the tamper a gentle spin for an even extraction
  • Pre-heat your cup
  • Position the portafilter in the grouphead and start your shot
  • The shot should start slowly, then develop into an even stream
  • This process will take around 25-30 seconds
  • Serve and enjoy
V60 Pour Over

  • Place V60 filter into its brewer basket
  • Pour in hot water over the filter and allow water to pre-heat the V60
  • Add 20g of medium-fine ground coffee
  • Pour in gently 30 grams of water, evenly wetting coffee grounds
  • Let it stand for 30-45 seconds
  • Continue pouring 290 grams of hot water, evenly and slowly into the center of the grounds
  • Wait until coffee is done dripping from filter
  • Remove V60 brew basket
  • Serve and enjoy


  • Home Grinder = Only use grinders designed for coffee use, ensure they can grind your coffee beans from fine to coarse ground and can produce a consistent grind.
  • Water = Only use filtered or mineral water,  as it will result in better quality coffee. Water should be at a stable temperature between 90 – 96 degrees.
  • Temperature = We recommend to always pre-heat your cups.
  • How long does your coffee stay fresh?              

All coffees have a shelf life and should ideally be served within four weeks but no longer than three months after the roasting date. Coffee will taste best when ground immediately before brewing. Grind only the amount of coffee you plan to brew and store the remainder in an airtight container, away from direct sunlight, heat, and sources of humidity. Avoid putting your coffee in the refrigerator or freezer.